Questions & Answers


Q: Does SIX have onsite parking?
A: Yes we do.

Q: If I arrive early is there somewhere to sit and wait?
A: Yes, we have a comfortable greeting area where you can sit in comfort and read about our brands.

Q: Does SIX have WC facilities?
A: Yes we do.

Q: Does SIX accommodate wheelchair access?
A: Yes absolutely. Our Giya Theatre demonstration room is downstairs and is easily accessible for customers in a wheelchair. The staff at SIX will always do their very best to accommodate a customer with a disability.

Q: Does SIX offer home demonstrations?
A: Yes we do. Please ask us for more details so that we can discuss your requirements.


Q: Does SIX offer trade-in/part-exchange?
A: It is something that we are happy to discuss with you and look at, however we normally recommend that you sell your product(s) privately as you will normally get a higher percentage back than we can offer you.


Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: Debit/Credit Cards (instore only), Bank Transfer and cash.

Q: Do you accept Card payment(s) over the telephone?
A: We do not. If you would like to pay by Debit/Credit Card, you must visit SIX so that we can charge you card on the premises*.
this is for our and your protection against fraud

Q: Does SIX offer finance?
A: Not currently, however this is something that we are looking at offering in the future.


Q: Can i bring my own product(s) to a demonstration?
A: Absolutely. Please let us know in advance what product(s) you are bringing and if you have any special requirements so that we can make arrangements prior to your visit.

Q: Can i bring my own music to listen to when during the demonstration?
A: Absolutely and we always recommend that you bring music that you are very familiar with. We have a wide selection of music as well that you are welcome to browse through and play if you so wish.

Q: When I visit SIX, how long do iI have to audition a product(s) or system?
A: We normally allocate a morning or afternoon for you so that you have plenty of time to listen to a product(s) or system.


Q: Will the product(s) or system i purchase from SIX sound as good in my own room as it did in your demonstration suite?
A: Room acoustics and other factors can have varying degrees of effect on the performance of a product(s) / system. We will always work with you and advice where necessary, to ensure you get the very best from your product(s) / system.


If you have any questions that are not covered above, please do not hesitate to ask us.