Dave Brubeck Quartet - Live at the Kurhaus - 1967 (lacquer)


Dave Brubeck Quartet - Live at the Kurhaus - 1967 (lacquer)


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October 24 1967. The Dave Brubeck Quartet, starring more or less the same line-up since starting out, had now been together for 16 years.

By this stage, they were more than well acquainted. That evening, live from the Kurhaus in Scheveningen – Paul probably downing his fourth whiskey and smoking his 40th cigarette, Dave his usual abstemious self – they opened with Three to Get Ready, establishing their close-knit dynamic in a matter of bars. Dave set the tone for the ballad while Joe held the rhythm; Paul built a sultriness that drove the audience into a whole new dimension.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet brought the walls between cultures crashing down.

There is certainly magic in this live performance – just hear the laughter, the interjections, the very life of it. With "La Paloma Azul", a children’s song that Paul and Dave had brought back from Mexico only a few months earlier, the mood changed: gentle, clear and caressing. It is one of their early performances of this piece, and a privilege to hear. After this tender interlude came unabashed laughter, hammered out by Dave’s disruptive fingerwork in "Cielito Lindo", and a light-hearted nod with "Swanee River". "Forty Days", a Hollywood-worthy oratorio, featured biblical references and themes from the great blockbusters – Exodus, Alamo and maybe even a few others. That night, the Dave Brubeck Quartet brought the walls between cultures crashing down.

Lacquer Version


The ultimate analog medium. A fascinating phenomenon only now mastered by a handful of skilled engravers, lacquer demonstrates exceptional physical properties, making it possible to capture even the most intricate nuance and texture of a recording. Cut from a single sheet of aluminium coated in nitrocellulose, lacquer is extremely fragile, and wears off as the recording is listened to.

A sublime and fleeting experience, to be savoured like a fine vintage or live concert.

Once in a lifetime. Few people have the privilege of experiencing this unique medium. The casing for these limited edition lacquers was entrusted to Philippe Atienza and Pierre Gerber, both Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. An exquisite piece of craftsmanship.

Case Contents

A leather case containing 4 lacquers
Story of the concert and The Lost Recordings
Lacquer user guide
Vinyl album + download card for access to digital files
Hi-Res 24 bits Studio Masters 176.4 kHz available upon request


COPIES Limited numbered edition
Only 30 copies
CASING Calf leather
LINING Suedette
CREDIT Recorded at the Concertgebouw, 10.ll.1961, MONO 1961 VARA ,
Remastered © & ℗ 2016 FONDAMENTA

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