Six Audio’s bespoke infra-bass active subwoofers compliment any loudspeaker brand of suitable quality, not just Vivid Audio.




The Six Audio Infra-bass module is a subwoofer system using Vivid Audio tech to compliment the Vivid Audio loudspeaker system for home cinema or for those desiring bass extension reinforcement. The Infrasonic capabilities can be digitally customised for any loudspeaker system. The drivers are Vivid Audio manufactured and are thus a perfect match for Vivid Audio speakers or other speakers that are in a similar high speed/transient category like planar or electrostatic systems.


  • Twin Vivid Audio Giya bass drivers C225 - reaction cancelling system. (Giya G1 drivers) decoupled in sealed matrix radius corner box.

  • No spikes required - no net vibration or movement.

  • DSP optimised from 100 hz down to 12 hz in room.

  • Designed to partner all Vivid Audio speaker models.

  • DSP is room measured for bespoke application per customer's listening room requirement.

  • 1000 watts Class D power.

  • Phase continuously adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees.

  • Can be set up as multiple modules for more power/bass averaging.

  • Paint - automotive as per Vivid Audio - any colour to match decor.

  • Engineering: Laurence Dickie and Jake Purches

  • Spec is subject to change in line with future developments

  • 6 weeks order time. Delivery world-wide.


Below are pictures of Vivid Audio systems we have delivered and installed along with our bespoke infra-bass active subwoofer for clients. Subwoofer finished using the same finish as the Vivid Audio speakers to match perfectly.