Giya Theatre

Big things happen in this room

The large ‘Giya Theatre’ is the larger of our two demonstration rooms at Six Audio. Measuring approx 9 metre by 7 metres, it is more than big enough to take the power output of the mighty Vivid Audio Giya G1s Loudspeaker system, which we have on permanent display.

Accompanying the Vivid Audio G1s are the entire Giya range G1-G4. We are also set up for multi channel surround sound and cinema playback.

As you look through the Giya Picture Gallery below you will notice the ‘Beach’ wall. This is a special wall designed to break up travelling sound waves and it really works! We can even design this for you in your own listening room if you would like us to!


Chosen by us, crafted for you.
Discover these specialist brands and more in the Giya suite.


Brands in the Oval Suite can be brought down to the Giya Theatre upon request.


Two fits into SIX perfectly. Come and listen to the music you love in our two beautiful listening rooms

( 1 )
Giya Theatre demonstration room
(approx 9 x 7m)

( 2 )
Oval Suite demonstration room
(approx 7 x 4m)


Prefer to listen to a product in the comfort of your own home, in your own system?

Absolutely not a problem, just let us know what you would like to listen to, when you would want to listen and where you are of course, and we make the arrangements with you.