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6 Audio hi-fi– is a true ‘bricks and mortar’ dealer with two auditioning rooms to listen to our products. We have the large ‘Giya Theatre’ at 9 metre by 7 metres which is more than big enough to take the power output of the mighty Vivid Audio Giya G1s Loudspeaker system which we have on permanent display. Accompanying the G1s are the entire Giya range G1-G4. We are also set up for multi channel surround sound and cinema playback.

Notice the ‘Beach’ wall designed to break up travelling sound wave – we can design this for you if you would like us to!

Our smaller room at 7 metres by 4 metres is more in keeping with more average living rooms and here we demonstrate the superb Spendor Range of loudspeakers, Devialet amplification and cables from Dynamique, Black Rhoduim and Gekko!

Because each demo needs to be tailored we ask you to make an appointment with us, a few days notice is desirable – although we do have a range ready to ‘go’ for those who wish to visit on the day.

Giya Theatre Wide DSC0610

Call us for your demonstration: 01403 713125 Mobile: 07950 274224 Raymond Rowles Or 07980 665356 Jake Purches Or Email: info@sixaudio.co.uk

6 Star Road
Partridge Green
West Sussex RH13 8RA

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