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The Vivid Audio team represents 4 decades of experience delivering products featuring more than just innovative engineering and bespoke parts

Their goal is to produce the world’s pre-eminent High-end loudspeaker systems.

Born out of the enthusiasm and drive of South African and British engineers, a new force in high-end audio has quietly been building ground-breaking technologies into a range of world-class loudspeakers. Almost every part of each Vivid Audio model is unique and not to be found in any other loudspeaker. No element is taken for granted; innovation and new methods of analysis are used to extract the highest levels of performance from every component. Vivid Audio takes pride in designing and assembling all their own drivers and making all speaker cabinets in-house.


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+ Vivid Audio’s designer Laurence Dickie is famous for creating the original iconic B&W Nautilus loudspeaker


+ Coming Soon - two new additions to the Kaya Range, the S15 and C25